Design and Evaluation of AR-Enabled Wall Stickers with Interactivity and Digital Contents for Children Learning

By Su-ju Lu, Ying-Chieh Liu and Bing-Cheng Wang.

Published by The International Journal of Early Childhood Learning

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This paper designs and evaluates the use of AR in wall stickers for learning among children. Decorative wall stickers were used as an educational interface while an AR marker provides interactivity and digital multimedia content. Digital contents are designed around a marine theme to introduce the dimensions, appearance, and behavior of marine animals. Autodesk 3Dmax Studio was used to develop 3D models and animation. A commercial AR tool was used to edit the digital contents and to provide appropriate interactivity with the aid of script language. Results were evaluated based on the impact to learner motivation. Sixty 4th grade elementary school students helped test the designs and responded to fifteen questions on a 6-point Likert questionnaire to assess learning motivation. A total of 54 valid replies showed positive results, with an average interest value of 4.86, with no significant difference between boys and girls. The results may be useful for researchers exploring AR applications, and in the design of educational wall stickers for children.

Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR), Game-based Learning, AR-enabled Wall Stickers, Children’s Learning, Marine Education

The International Journal of Early Childhood Learning, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp.43-48. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 753.156KB).

Prof. Su-ju Lu

Associate Professor, Department of Digital Technology Design, Graduate Program of Toy and Game Design, National Taipei University of Education, Taipei, Taiwan

Su-ju Lu, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Digital Technology Design at National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan where she teaches e-learning, interactive multimedia design, and digital education product for children. She received her Ph.D. in School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, UK. Dr. Lu is familiar with e-learning, toy/game based learning, augmented reality and digital education product for children.

Dr. Ying-Chieh Liu

Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Design, Chang Gung University, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan

Ying-Chieh Liu, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Chang Gung University, where he teaches design engineering, design method, and design project management. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering Department, Cambridge University, UK. He is familiar with new product design, engineering design process (from system definition to life cycle support), and project management. He received a certificate on Project Management Professional (PMP). Before Dr. Liu’s career in the University, he had 12-years work experience, including 4 years working on international projects in United States, with Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Northrop Grumman and MITRE. He participated in 3 ill-defined and complex projects with 2 complete project cycles, and has more than 20 international and national publications.

Bing-Cheng Wang

Researcher, Department of Digital Technology Design, National Taipei University of Education, Taipei, Taiwan